Heidi Klum Returns To Jordache

After a five-year hiatus reality TV star and supermodel mom, Heidi Klum, returns to the largest Jordache campaign to date and adds another talent to her laundry list of specialties. The campaign is the first in two decades to be both in print and on TV and features a dancing Klum.

 The ads shot by Rankin show the beautiful mom sporting four different kinds of jeans, from color to skinny styles. It’s not just still shots either; these are moving, energetic frames that include dance choreography by So You Think You Can Dance’s Mia Michaels.  So you can add “dancer” to Klum’s resume as she rocked it in the takes to make for an awesome Jordache campaign.

“Heidi’s beautiful and a great businesswoman and designer, and she also turns out to be an amazing dancer with great stamina,” Liz Berlinger, president of Jordache, told the trade WWD. “She danced from 10 in the morning until midnight in 5-inch heels. I’d have a hard time walking down the street in the heels she was wearing.”

Klum may be removing the jeans altogether in a future campaign for Jordache. Berlinger reported that Jordache intends to expand the line and Klum’s role into lingerie, tops and accessories.

Angela Di Laurentis

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