Here?s How to Get Sued by Chanel

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You probably don’t want to ruffle anyone’s feathers at a high-end luxury fashion label’s headquarters. They’re rich, they’re powerful and they can take you out. But one company learned its lesson and got personally called out by the iconic Chanel brand.


Here’s what happened to a South Korean bar that ticked of Chanel. But let’s tell you the name os the bar first: Chanel Business Club. No that sound’s familiar….


The Seoul Central District Court ordered the South Korean bar to pay Chanel $8,800 in damages for its misstep in branding itself a little too closely to the designer label. No word is out on plans to change the name or comments from either party.


But we also found some other international mishaps that caught the attention of the fashion world some more intentional than others. Here are a brief look at a few:


-        A boutique in South Africa was named, wait for it, Dolce and Banana

-        In China there was a Burberry lookalike store named, “BueBelly.” Strange.

-        Here’s one you’ve heard of: Warner Brothers was sued by Louis Vuitton for"trademark dilution, false designation of origin and unfair competition" in "The Hangover 2 after Zach Galifianakis mispronounced the brand’s name while carrying a faux representation of the luxury luggage


Today’s lesson: Don’t steal luxury fashion designer names, no matter how tempting.

Allie Montgomery

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