Hidden Attractions in Krakow

Krakow is not the capital of Poland. But it is as popular, if not more, than Warsaw, the Polish capital. In fact, Krakow is the 2nd most important city and called the cultural capital of Poland. There is much to see and do in Krakow and if you come to this ancient city in Poland for its obvious attractions, the scenic beauty, the historic sites, the museums and the hectic nightlife, you get to see what you came to see. But a guided tour or to decide beforehand what you want to see limits you to what is so very obvious to anyone coming to Krakow. On the other hand, if you are interested in exploring the city to get to attractions that remain hidden from the average tourists, you have to make an initiative to know the people and the culture from close quarters. Interaction with the local population is the best way to unearth lesser known attractions of Krakow.


For one, make sure you stay away from hotel rooms that in any case have become so very expensive in Krakow. Instead, it is far better to book Krakow apartments that not only are cheaper than hotel rooms; they become a fine way to get close to local people and thereby the culture and traditions of the city. Apartments have already become very popular, and tourists book apartments in Warsaw also, preferring them over hotel rooms. If you recall, you saw the same craze about a Rome apartment when you were in the Italian capital.


I know how an average tourist is made to see only what he should to present a certain image of the place. So if you go by the rule book, you will see only what is already there on the net and what your friend who was in Krakow last winter told you about. Break the rules, and go on a walking tour to see the city from close quarters, trying to mingle with the crowd, and getting out from the people what they think about hidden gems of the city, the hidden attractions that do not come to limelight.


No one talks about them but the city of Krakow has some stunningly beautiful gardens with lush green atmosphere. If you are a lover of nature, taking a walk around these parks will make you realize how calming their influence can be. You can not just soak the sun and relax lying under trees, you can also paddle in the boats in ponds made in some of the parks and also try your hands at ball games in courts made in some of the parks.


There are ancient buildings in the city that were once residences of royal families and are now desolate and mystifying. There are many such castles that are worth visiting to unearth some hidden facts about Krakow’s past. The salt mine of Wielickza is another attraction that many miss out despite its proximity to the city. This should prompt you to undertake underground tours to unearth other hidden structures. 

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