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Bright Eyes


Although they're using a sunglass fashion that is a few years too late to probably fully capitalize on their idea, Bright Eyes shades are fitted with 174 LEDs that can actually be programmed by the wearer. The ultimate goal with Bright Eyes' designers is to create an incentive for people to learn coding techniques, which makes this fashion statement an incredibly smart one. 


The "shutter shades" most recently popularized by fashion-conscious rapper Kanye West are in the midst of a transformation from flash-in-the-pan style accessory to a clever technological learning aid that its makers hope will encourage more people to learn the art of computer coding.

The Bright Eyes Kit contains a pair of glasses made entirely of circuit board and dotted with 174 LED's tacked onto the front.

"You can control each individual LED," explains Daniel Hirschmann, co-founder of Technology Will Save Us (TWSU), the London based start-up behind the idea.

The small array can display scrolling text, videos of flickering flames or generate any moving image that the user desires. Read More

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