High-Tech Luxury Fashion Shopping Experiences


Looking to pull in more customers and have them linger in stores longer, fashion house Burberry has implemented a completely modern and technologically savvy shopping experiences. From giant screens to tiny RFID microchips, tech has turned fashion shopping from browsing through racks to seemingly personalized events, which will hopefully lead to more sales. 


London's famous shopping streets have become a hub for retailers that are transforming the way they engage with consumers, and these stores are some of the most cutting-edge in the world. Sophisticated in-store technology is being used to capture the attention of shoppers, and luxury retailers are going the extra step to create a truly distinctive setting. This is setting the bar high for other retailers.

There is a strong contrast between the customer experience in high street stores and luxury. Instead of hustling along clothes rails and pushing through long queues, customers shopping in luxury stores are encouraged to relax and interact with the new technology presented to them. Read More

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