Highest paid musicians in 2012

Take That

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Wonder who the highest paid musicians are in 2012?  I can tell you this... the top spot totally surprised this gal!  I'll give you the #2 through #5 spots (in order): Roger Waters, Elton John, U2, and Take That (yes, the British boy band from the 90s!).  Want to see who is ranked #1?  Click here (and no, it's not Justin Bieber).

Though he's only 18 years old, Justin Bieber has had a year for the ages. The Canadian crooner released his third studio album, launched a world tour and continued investing in startups, adding to a portfolio that includes stakes in Spotify, Tinychat and others. All in all, he earned $55 million in 12 months.

"I do calls every week with my business manager and my lawyer," Bieber told FORBES this spring as part of a cover story on his budding venture capital career. "Each week I'm learning something about my business and what I need to know for my career."

But when it comes to the world's highest-paid musicians, Bieber is a relative pauper, barely breaking the top ten.  Read full article here.


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