Highlights on DV Visa and Eligibility Criteria

For the beginners and for those who want to have immigration to the United States of America, I would like to define and give details here for what a Diversity Visa is. It is also called the DV and every year, the policies for the immigrants change. That is why, the term changes its name every year. For example, the people who would like to immigrate to the US in 2015 will have to work for dv-2016. For all those who wish to know about what a diversity visa is, here are some details:

Diversity Visa Program

1)     It is also called the Diversity Immigrant Visa Program. It is a kind of a lottery program to avail a permanent residency in the US. Not everyone can immigrate and only the people who win the lottery tickets can avail the Visas. This kind of a lotto is administered by the State department on an annual basis. However, for those who want to get lucky, they can ask the authentic dealers in the DV Lotteries so that just like for every program there are helpers; one can get help in this regard as well. However, one has to be alarmed on the cases of frauds that just take your money and will not provide you any help. That is why the word authentic has been used. Go to the dealers in such programs that have a history in dealing with such cases.

2)     Every single year almost 50,000 people get the DV visa and immigrate to US. This applies to all those countries, which have low rates of immigration as compared to the US. There are eligibility criteria for the approval of one person to get the immigration Visa. The eligibility falls under different circumstances which are as under, but before that, one should have a perfect idea of what DV is.

3)     Receiving a green card to travel and be settled in US is totally a different thing. Those who win the lotto cannot mean that they will also get the green card as well. The lucky ones who get the lotto, have to provide proper documentation, forms, fee, and then there is an immigrant interview as well that has to be passed to get the green card and the travelling green signal.

Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility criteria are as under:

1)     One should successfully pass the high school education, or the number of years to pass the high school should be in the form of his or her work experience.

2)     Any person, who has a kind of a disease that might be transferable or communicable, cannot be given the US visa. This means that one person who has a clear medical report has more chances of getting the visa.

3)     Police clearance is necessary in such circumstances and along with that, the embassy has to clear you so that the it is known that there is no such criminal record of a person being granted the DV Visa.

4)      Any person living in the US has to provide an Affidavit of clearance against a person who is applying for the DV.

5)     If you are applying for a Visa in person, you will get the visa just for yourself, because you are single and there are no dependants on you, however, if you apply for a family immigration, then all the eligible family members can get the immigrant Visas.

6)     Any person who wants a visa and gains the trust of another person in the form of marrying a visa holder will not be given the immigrant visa. This will cause the refusal of visa for the other person too.

7)     If at any point in time you get the visa, and your provided details are fake, not only the visa will be cancelled out, but also, you will have to face jurisdiction of the court in your country.

8)     If you have been called for a DV interview, do not reschedule it for any rather trouble that you might be going through. This is because the embassy will lower your chances of getting the visa.

If the visa somehow has been rejected, the visa fee submitted will never be returned. Apply only when there is a bright chance that you have cleared all the eligibility criteria and that you are not hiding anything or have any fake information regarding anything related.

For the tips on how to give an interview, follow such posts regularly posted on the topics and you will be able to find the interview tips online easily.

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