H&M and David Beckham: In Brief


H&M is turning heads with their new ad campaign highlighting David Beckham’s new underwear line for the retailer. It’s not print ads that have every New Yorker stopping in their tracks. H&M created giant statues around the city of the soccer star himself, wearing nothing but a smirk and some skivvies.

For the new bodywear campaign, six silver statues are scattered throughout the city of New York. The placement was purposeful and the Swedish retailer is encouraging patrons to snap photos with the underwear model and designer, thus creating a viral social media campaign. In fact, if you Instagram a photo with the hashtag #hmbeckham any time before the end of the month, you could win a $1000 shopping spree at H&M or your very own one-foot statue of Beckham for your bedroom. We are thinking the clothes will stay in fashion longer. 

Angela Di Laurentis

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