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Australians love to have a BBQ, and lets be honest it is a fabulous way to spend quality time with friends and family in the comfort of your home. However once the weather cols down and those balmy nights are gone, daylight savings ends and the cooler evenings take over, the appeal of having friends around for a BBQ gets pretty low.

What if you could utilise your outdoor area all year round without the hassle of big chunky expensive heaters. Bromic outdoor heating has designed a smart solution for the BBQ lovers amongst us.

The Bromic smart heat electric heater gives home users a solution that is cost effective as well as space appropriate whilst being ultra convenient as it is a wall or ceiling mounted solution that is easily adjusted.

The solution is also wind and water resistant, allow the piece of mind that no matter what the condition is – the Bromic smart heat heater will be perfect to keep everyone warm and the BBQ cranking. The heater is so smart that you can turn it on remotely from another location within the house until the outdoor space has heated.

The design is sleek and stylish – allowing it to be added to your outdoor area without any disruption to the look and feel of your space. It is conveniently wall or ceiling mounted and the direction of the heat can be modified by a swift turn of the mount.

We spend so much of our working week indoors usually that we believe that having the availability to use your home outdoor area all year round is crucial and a great asset to the whole family. Once you experience the Bromic smart heat electric heater, you will realise that the investment in your families outdoor area has opened up the opportunity and desire to entertain more outdoors all year round, what more could you want?

This heater is available in gas option as well, and comes in a range of sizes depending on your families needs. You haven’t experience heat outdoors until you have experienced Bromic heating.

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