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Hotel and Resort Musts
By: Katie Elizabeth   |    February 15, 2013   |   0 Comments (0) (0)

CC image from Flickr

If the thought of another vacation at the Four Seasons bores you, youíre not alone. Thereís a world of possibilities out there, but the best resorts arenít immediately recognizable to many world travelers. If you want a truly remarkable experience, itís worth the effort to go beyond your comfort zone. Start with Greece for an introduction to true luxury international travel.

The Anastasis Apartments in Imerovigli doesnít sound particularly appealing at first blush. Itís the attention to detail, unbelievable amenities and architecture, and genuine service that make this getaway stand out. Area restaurants provide incredible places to eat that make you feel just like a local. Consider these additional resorts for your next holiday.

Romantic Escapes

The Riad Kniza in Morocco provides a quiet luxury interlude in the middle of bustling Marrakech. Donít be fooled by review buzz words like ďquaintĒ and ďcozy.Ē While these descriptions are true, this is what boutique hotels strive to be. Complete with succulent food and spa services, itís the only place in the heart of the city where peace and pampering are steps from top destinations.

Over water bungalow resorts are a staple in Tahiti. However, the Sofitel in Bora Bora goes above and beyond. Feed the fish from your coffee table and enjoy the glass floors, where the crystal blue waters provide a mesmerizing view. Your hut wonít be cozied up right against your neighbors, and the local town provides a much-needed touch of authenticity.

The Future of Travel††††††

If youíre looking for something a little different, try the trending ice hotels around the world. Norwayís largest ice hotel, the Alta Igloo, features a stunning chapel and gourmet restaurant with authentic Lapp cuisine. Guests often see the northern lights in this northern chalet, and snowmobile safaris or husky sled adventures are on-site possibilities.

Located in Sweden, the Ice Hotel is the largest in the world, with ice sculpting classes, sledding or simply having a cocktail at the Ice Bar. If you want something more than your icy surroundings, the hotel also operates a private spaceline. Training is short and sweet, and guests can experience four minutes of zero gravity in space.

Out of This World Travel

If you want more than four minutes, intergalactic travel is now very real. Manned flights to the moon will be offered within the next ten years for $1.5 to $2 billion. While the leisure trip has been confirmed, the details are still blurry. However, you can currently orbit the earth for up to 12 days with Space Adventures.

Current space leisure travel hovers around $1 million, depending on length and package chosen. Whether youíre looking for the next great escape on earth or to infinity and beyond, your options are nearly limitless. Why spend another holiday at the Hilton, when your private ice home, or soon the moon, is waiting?

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