Hottest Show From Paris Fashion Week ? Day 4



Dior completely took over Milan on Day 4. All critics were echoing the same praise for Raf Simons’sNew New Look coined a, “sensually minimalist take on maximalist femininity.”

What are the rags and columns saying about the highly-acclaimed show?

“These designs were a clear answer to those who wondered how much Simons would carry over his Jil Sander minimalist aesthetic to his new position. Yes, he kept a toehold in that camp … But the majority of the collection would hardly qualify as minimal.” {The Cut/New York Magazine}

“It wasn’t enough to hear Robert De Niro drawl from behind his beard: ‘I liked it.’ Nor for the supermodel Natalia Vodianova to spread an enchanted red-lipstick smile at the end of the Christian Dior show on Friday. It was the roar that went up backstage behind the wafting pastel curtains, echoing the clapping in the graceful interlocking salons, that proved the designer Raf Simons had exceeded all expectations.” {International Herald Tribune}

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Allie Montgomery

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