How Bad Fashion Improves HBO's 'Girls'

Mark Seliger/HBO

While the characters of HBO's Girls come off like they couldn't care less about the fashions they're wearing, the stylists behind the scenes spend a tremendous amount of time getting them into some of the least fashionable outfits imaginable, without going over the top of course. This fine line is brilliantly presented, showing just how good the show's stylists really are.


MAYBE it was the episode when Hannah, the main character on the HBO series “Girls,” wore a cardigan festooned with tomatoes to her first paid job, at a law office. Or the one in which Marnie, her uptight best friend, wore a bright little cocktail dress to a Bushwick loft party. Or the one where Jessa wore a long see-through eyelet dress over hot pink underwear to her gig as a nanny.

It’s hard to pin down the exact moment, but at some point while watching the show last spring, I had an unexpected flashback to an ensemble I wore when I was just out of college... Read More

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