How Do Lip Plumpers Work, Anyway?


The secret behind lip plumping products isn't that they make lips look bigger, but that they actually make lips larger through a variety of methods. From mild irritants to at-home, natural methods of plumping lips, this is a beauty secret worth investigating.


What exactly makes lip plumpers work to “plump?” We carry a tube of this wonder-working gloss or serum in our makeup kits as a pick-me-up solution for lips that need a little volume. Some of us are even quite devoted to the stuff. We’ll get compliments throughout the day on our Kardashian-esque kissers, never daring to reveal our secrets of lip amplitude. But how much do we really know about lip plumpers, anyway? Are our Lip Injections, Venoms, and Inflations really okay to be using every day? We turned to cosmetic chemist Nick Morante to get the skinny on our favorite plumping products. Read More

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