Can dating ever be like the movies?

More and more of us are going on dates thanks to sites like MySingleFriend. However, is our perception of dating skewed somewhat by what we've seen in the movies? There's not always that instant spark; getting caught in the rain with your date isn't fun; and a grand gesture such as waiting outside your date's home with flowers isn't always well received.

 Let's tackle the grand gesture first

Crashing someone's wedding to confess your undying love is not going to make you popular with anyone. Waiting for your crush whenever they arrive somewhere is just creepy and getting an excessive amount of flowers, cuddly toys or chocolates delivered to someone's house is a great way to find yourself with a restraining order.

 In the movies, the person being pursued would recognise your daring, your dedication and your passion but, unfortunately, it doesn't work like that in the real world!

 Love at first sight doesn't always happen

If you go on a first date with someone and don't instantly feel that spark, don't be disheartened. Love at first sight is a rare thing. If you enjoyed that person's company, give them another chance.

 You don't have to kiss on the first date

It's easy to get it into your head that a first date has been a disaster if you don't kiss at the end of it but that's not the case. If you feel that connection with someone and want a cheeky kiss, great, but don't feel disheartened if it doesn't happen.

 You shouldn't read too much into a kiss – or lack of – because it's simply something we've been taught to think about from watching all those chick flicks.

 There are some things we can learn from the movies

Dating is not like the movies but that doesn't mean we can't learn a lot from the characters we love watching.

If you don't respect yourself and have confidence, it's going to be difficult for anyone else to respect you. This is something that runs through so many movies and it's something we should all pay attention to.

In the film Van Wilder it's said that 'first dates are interviews'. This is very true. Of course, you don't have to turn up with your clipboard but the first date is definitely the time to find out everything you need to about your potential partner (and for them to do the same).

Playing the game makes things much more complicated. There are so many films out there that make a lot of fun out of playing the game and how people get it wrong. At the end of the day, you can make life much easier for yourself and your date by simply talking to them. Don't worry about how long to leave it before you text or call and don’t get hung up on chasing that fairy tale ending to a story before it’s even begun.

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