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How Many Different Luxury Professions?
By: Ace Ernst   |   
November 22, 2011   |   3 Responses

Please add to the list...

1.Luxury Car Dealer


Sandra Cemulini commented on January 14, 2012

Luxury travel consultant/gift consultant Luxury as intended by something that is exclusive ie:travel and vacation experiences, (offerings that are unusual and uncommon) ie: hand crafted items created by a master artisan using the absolute best quality materials and workmanship.

Amanda commented on January 5, 2012

There are so many! almost any profession out there can have a luxury focus. Take security, there is high-end security detail for hire. personal shoppers, personal stylists... well pretty much anything with the word "personal" in front of it.....

rob gee commented on December 1, 2011

Hotel writer

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