How Many GHz is Your Blouse?

Cornell University

There have been some spectacular advances in world of high-tech fashion. From nanotechnology to computational textiles, the current state of the fusion of science and fashion has progressed incredibly far. Now, if only more of this stuff would hit the market so there can be even more stuff to buy that I just found out I needed. 


Imagine if your shirt could track your heart rate as you run, or if it could charge your cellphone on the go. Innovative fashion designers and engineers, who are pushing the envelope with "smart textiles," dream of designing garments that are not just embedded with devices, but actually are the devices. Welcome to the world of wearable computing.

The development of smart textiles is a true fusion of fashion and technology. From manipulating nanoparticles in cotton, to incorporating knit antennas and transistors into garments, the computational fashion industry is reimagining how we use clothing in our everyday lives. Read More


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