How much do you know about your cosmetics ?


As the title states, how much do you really know about the cosmetic? That you are using almost every day. Well, some people are well aware of what they are buying whereas some buy look at the television promos. What’s important here is that, you must know well before hand what you are buying for yourself before buying it. It the product that you are buying, will it serve the purpose? Have you consulted with your doctor, on what products you should use, incase if you have a skin allergy? Last but not the least, do you know the product that you’re buying is really genuine? Generally people spend a lot of money on products like sunscreen in order to protect their skin and of course health against the UV rays emitted by the sun rays. Scientist generally recommends that sunscreen lotion with minimum 15 SPF or higher must be used. As mentioned earlier that people spend blindly on one of such products without releasing on how long the effect of the sunscreen lotion would work on you. The reason behind this is very simple and that is, every human being has a tolerant level for the skin to bear the heat. If you are fair and even a little heat can turns you red that would indicate that you the sunscreen lotion with 15 SPF would not work more than 75 minutes which is hardly over an hour.


Types of cosmetics:-

There are different types of cosmetic products that vary from colorescience makeup, to colorscience sunforgettable and naturalyoucosmetics. Although you may find many of products what matters the most is the ingredients used. Ingredients used in cosmetics may be organic in nature or may have natural ingredients used in it. You may also find that minerals are used in cosmetic products like colorescience makeup and colorscience sunforgettable which is also known as sunscreen lotion. Mineral makeup also applies to a category of face makeup, which includes foundation, eye shadow and blush etc., which is made with free and dry powder of minerals. Moreover the frequently used cosmetic products like Lipsticks, liquid foundations, and other liquid cosmetics products, are also frequently called as mineral makeup.



Always know before hand when purchasing your desirable cosmetic products keeping your health in mind and as well as the money to be spent on certain products and the better alternative available in the market.

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