How Rich People Do Things Differently to You...

Some rich folks live a modest lifestyle, opting to keep their wealth on the downlow and spending more money on investments than on luxury goods and status symbols. Those rich people aren't a lot of fun to talk about. We're here to discuss the wealthy people out there who live the lifestyles of the rich and famous, who enjoy luxuries about which the rest of us daydream. Here are just a few ways rich people do things differently than the rest of us:

Five Figure Hotel Rooms

Looking for a modest little spot to spend your honeymoon? In hotels like the Hotel President Wilson in Geneva, and Jaipur, India's Raj Palace Hotel, you can book a suite with platinum and gold-woven curtains and upholstery, or a 1,500 square-meter suite with its own banquet table. These fancy hotel rooms can run upwards of $40,000 a night, which is enough to buy a modest home for life in many rural communities. You can find these rooms all over the world from Hong Kong to Paris to New York if you ever need a place to hang your hat and drop the kind of money most people spend on college.

$460,000 Whiskey

A bottle of Macallan 1946 will run you close to half a million dollars. What makes this whiskey so special? This single bottle of LaliqueCire Perdue malt whiskey, sold at auction in 2010 for four hundred sixty grand, is a scarcity in that it was made with peated malt, due to high coal prices during WWII. So does it taste like it was worth half a million bucks? Maybe not, but the statement you make when you pull this baby out of the liquor cabinet is clear. There are other whiskeys that hit the $10,000, $20,000, $40,000 marks, but few come close to costing half a million dollars a bottle.

Sexy Bodyguards

Ever want to feel like you're in an action movie? The typical bodyguard service might run you a few hundred a day, and will probably involve hiring an ex-MMA fighter, a private investigator or ex-cop making ends meet, or a bar bouncer looking to branch out. It's not always as romantic as it looks in the movies. Agencies like Athena Academy hire out female bodyguards that not only know how to kick butt, they look like models and actresses and dress like action heroes in case you ever wanted to feel like David Carradine in Kill Bill, with a sexy commando squad at your service.

Anything Nicolas Cage Does

You know how Nicolas Cage seems to be in fifty movies a year, as if he needs to work extra hard just to pay the bills? He's perpetually in debt and in trouble with the IRS. The common misconception has it that he's broke and desperate for work. The truth is that he's one of the highest-earning actors working today, he's just... kind of nuts when it comes to spending money. His purchases have included dinosaur bones and the world's "most haunted house." We're not sure how they qualify what makes one house more or less haunted than the next, but Nicolas Cage certainly deems it an important point of consideration. Make a note: Nic Cage usually winds up selling his weird collectibles and having his haunted houses foreclosed upon, so be careful that you don't emulate his lifestyle too closely should you ever hit it big.

Jet Packs

The flying skateboards from Back to the Future Part II have yet to become a reality, and we don't have hovercars just yet, either. However, there are some futuristic toys that the wealthy can enjoy here and now. Jetpacks tend to be more problematic than we see in James Bond films. They're difficult to pilot and can only store a few minutes of fuel, but water powered Jetlev packs, running $68,000, use a hose to pump water from a lake or the ocean, allowing you to soar over the surface at high speeds, and if you crash, well, you get a soft landing in the water.

A Town of Your Own

Albert, Texas was sold to a wealthy "collector," we'll say, on eBay. The small town features a dance hall and... a population of five people. Well, if you ever wanted to be treated like the emperor of the world's smallest rural kingdom, there you go. The town went for $2,500,000, which is... well, quite reasonable for a whole town, when you think about it.

A $7,100,000 Poker Set

For the wealthy professional gambler, this poker set coming in at over seven million bucks features platinum-plated chips worth more money on the open market than cashed in at the counter. The only downside to this poker set: you'll feel silly playing small stakes poker with friends when you could have produced an independent film for the money you spent on this crocodile-skin encased set.

Some of these purchases are more reasonable than others, some are simply really fun toys for those who have hit the jackpot in life. Most of us can only dream of jetpacks, teams of sexy bodyguards and whiskey worth more than a townhouse, but who knows, if you hit it big at Lottoland, then you just might have a shot at putting a dinosaur skull in the living room of your haunted house in New Orleans.


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