How to be a VIP in NYC

The glitz and glam of NYC's dining and nightlife scene is the epitome of opulence. With premier restaurants, world-class hotels, luxury retailers, and elite spas, New York City is the ultimate playground.


But how do you get into the inner circle of New York's most exclusive spots? How can you skip the line at the trendiest clubs, receive complimentary cocktails at the most elite restaurants, obtain insider rates at luxury hotels and more? You join SELECT.


I was recently accepted into SELECT’s community. Prospective members apply for access citing basic biographical, career and education information as well as their general interests. If accepted (roughly 30-40% applicants are ultimately offered membership), members unlock exclusive rewards at an expansive list of premier partners ranging from top rated local restaurants to global hotel and retail brands like Hyatt and Brooks Brothers.  

Jasmine Niernberger

Jasmine is a business and startup consultant. She loves startups, technology, and lifestyle services. ...(Read More)

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