How to Choose the Bar Stools for Breakfast Bars


A breakfast bar is an excellent addition for any kitchen. It offers a place to quickly eat breakfast on a morning and is easier to put the dishes into the sink, instead of leaving them in various rooms. The breakfast bar can also double as another worktop should you need it while cooking. With any breakfast bar, you will need to think about seating, which is when you need to consider bar stools. Before buying one, here are some considerations that you need to make.


The Materials Used


There are different types of materials used for stools. Wooden ones are the most common and easiest to make if you decide to do it yourself. Most come with four legs and are more stable than other types of stools. However, you will find that you have to pay more for wooden stools due to the durability.


Metal stools are another option and are commonly one pole with a larger base. While the base offers the stability, there is a bigger risk of the stool tipping over. Metal stools are often more affordable that wooden ones and are great for those looking to quickly add more value to their home.


The Type of Chair


Stools are traditionally a single round or square seat. There is no back to them and no arms. These can be relatively uncomfortable and unstable so there are variations, which are worth considering. Some stools have extra padding to make them more comfortable to sit on. These may not be worth the extra money since it is unlikely that you will be sitting on these stools for a long period of time.


Something that may be worth investing in is a stool with a back and arms. They are easier to get in and out of and there is less risk of falling off them – as long as the feet remains firmly on the base. These chairs can offer more comfort and support for those with back problems.


Where You Shop From


Always compare prices before buying anything for your home improvements and never opt for the cheapest without doing research. You need to know the type of materials used, the work done to make the stool and the warranty and any safety issues. Researching the company will help you find any issues with the previous models and reviews about the handling with the company.


Reviews are helpful and look at third-party sites. These will offer pros and cons of each company and there will be negative reviews. Negatives are not necessarily bad, depending on the number of them. Not every company will be the best fit for every buyer. Look into the details of any negative reviews that you find to make sure that quality and service are not big issues.


Your Budget


Have a budget in mind when shopping around for home improvement items. This will help to narrow down your search and may remove some of the conditions – for example, your budget may not be large enough for wooden stools for the breakfast bar. You do not have to spend the whole budget but you should do your research to make sure the cheapest options still offer quality. If you are stuck between two then the cheapest one will be better for you financially.


Take your time to find the perfect stools for your breakfast bar. You will need to think about the material and the quality to make sure they compliment your breakfast bar and are safe.


This post was written by Jordan, a DIY enthusiast. He offers people many tips for creating their perfect home on a small budget, including choosing the perfect counter bar stool and building breakfast bars.

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