How To Decorate Your Kid?s Bedroom Affordably With Style and Quality


Redecorating your child’s bedroom doesn’t have to be a difficult or costly experience, and there are many ways to make a child’s bedroom stylish and practical at the same time.  A child’s bedroom is an important space for them. It is their own little sanctuary, a place they can call their own, so it should reflect their personality as well as your eye for quality in decorating a kid’s room on a budget.

Where to start

The following tips provide pointers on how to create a stylish bedroom for a child without
skimping on quality, practicality or fun.

Do it in style

Style is not just about costly fabrics or the most fashionable furniture – far from it. Style is about creating a special space that combines imagination and practicality.

Nowhere is this truer than for kids’ bedrooms! If they are old enough, getting kids involved through brainstorming sessions is a great way to get their ideas on color schemes, décor and inventive use of space. All that parents need to do is to set the guidelines.

No fuss

Kids will be kids, which means grubby fingerprints around high-traffic areas like light switches and, let’s face it, a whole lot of other places too.

Using easy-to-clean paint is a must when making redecorating decisions for a child’s bedroom. Selecting satin or gloss finishes that can be wiped clean easily with a damp cloth is a wise idea.

Plenty of closet space, bookshelves and storage bins will keep the floor area clear and also vacuum cleaner friendly!

Natural light

Cheap Children's Room Redecoration Using Shutters

One point that can’t be overlooked when giving a facelift to a child’s room is allowing in natural light, and preferably plenty of it. Whether a kid is using their bedroom for homework or play, they don’t want to have to strain their eyes or, on the flip side, have to deal with glaring light. An effective way of making the most of available light is by getting hold of some DIY shutters to install in your home instead of using the usual drapes.

There are real benefits in using shutters for a child’s room. They are trendy but timeless at the same time, meaning there won’t be a need to replace them as children grow older and their tastes change. They are also made of either wood or vinyl, both of which materials are durable and easy to clean. Besides controlling the amount of light entering a room, shutters give flexible options for privacy and have the added bonus of buffering against outside noises at night.

There are many types and designs of vertical and horizontal shutters to choose from that will make an attractive and practical addition to any child’s bedroom.

Creativity on a budget

For those parents who think that doing a great job of redecorating their child’s room means a run on the banks there is good news! Working within a tight budget is actually a fantastic way of finding creative solutions that just may not have happened if there had been more cash to spare.

The thing to remember when giving a child’s room a decorating overhaul is to spend on durable furniture that will last. Light-colored wood is usually a good choice because it blends with most color schemes and doesn’t seem to go out of style.

Spending a few extra dollars on good-quality paint is perhaps worthwhile.

Once the furniture is in place and the walls are painted, the extras like lighting, lampshades, ornaments, and bedding can be found at very sensible prices at many department stores such as Target, discount stores like TJ Maxx, or even home decor stores like Ikea.  If these stores are not in your area, they always have online stores with very reasonable shipping prices.

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