Top 5 ways: Clean Printer Ink from Fabrics easily

It can be understood that with regular wash the mark of the printer’s ink from the skin will go away but what about the stain of printer from fabrics. There are ways available through which you can clean the stain from skin. But is there is any way to clean the printer ink from fabrics? Even if you rush to wash the stain, it does not go away. Does that mean it’s going to be permanent or is there any way you can get rid of it? Take a look at top 5 ways for cleaning the printer ink from fabrics:


hair spray If the stain is new, dab a sponge damped with water onto the stain and move it in slow motion. After this, let it dry. After this, damp the sponge with some hair spray. Put the stained fabric between 2 pieces of paper towels and blot the backside of the fabric until you see the spot of ink on the other. Continue doing this until you are satisfied with it. After this, put the fabric in the laundry machine, and use a liquid detergent or the regular one that you use.


Bleach If the stain has been already set in, then you will have to start by dabbing the liquid detergent on the stain. Use a toothbrush for scrubbing it in a gentle way. If you find that the stain is starting to lift, then you can use a towel to wipe it off. If this does not work then mix equal amounts of water and bleach and dip the brush in it and then use it for scrubbing the stain. Don’t scrub tooharshly, be slow and gentle. After you are done with scrubbing, make sure that you immediately wash the whole fabric otherwise the stain can set in again.


Talcum You can also use talcum powder for removing printer ink stain. Rub some powder on the fresh spot of ink. Do the best you can for grinding it in the stain by covering it. You will have to keep the talcum there on the stain. Let it set and do its work. You can even let it sit on the stain for a day. The next day you can wash the stain with water. The ink will come out magically. This might not work if the stain has been settled in the fabric.


Rubbing Alcohol Rubbing alcohol can also prove to be effective in cleaning the stain. You can find the rubbing alcohol from a pharmacy. Rub it onto the stain. When you see ink dissolving into the liquid and blot the stain with some paper towel. Use that much liquid, which will be enough to cover the entire stain. After this, wash it with detergent.


Baking Soda And Water You can also use the mixture made out of baking soda and warm water for removing the stain. Apply this mixture onto the stain and rub it well. Leave the cloth for drying. Once it has been dried you can wash it but make sure you don’t add it with other laundry clothes. If you will do that then bleeds of ink will stain other clothes. If you had accidently stained your favorite shirt while you were fixing the printer placed on your office desk, don’t panic. The stain will surelysettle till you will reach home but that does not mean you will have to say good bye to your favorite shirt because of a small stain. There are useful ways through which you can remove the stains easily and effectively. Even if you are making use of these tips for removing the stain, you will have to be a lot careful throughout the whole procedure. Many people say that they were not able to get rid of the stain even though they tried rubbing hard. They might have not followed the instructions right otherwise these are workable ways of removing printer ink stains. An important thing to note here is that do not ever rub the fabric hard. This can ruin its texture. Instead of making the stain come out, you will tear the fabric due to harsh rubbing. This has happened with a number of people out there. They just ruin the fabric that could have been repaired with these tips. The key is to be careful when you are using the printer, and you will not have to see any stain on your preciously clothes. Some people also get printer ink stains on their home carpets. The same cleaning techniques can be used for getting rid of them. Make sure you lift the stain from paper towel instead of rubbing it. If you had dropped the while ink cartridge while fixing the printer, visit any online provider like toners to get a new one. 

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