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How to get the right measurement for mens costumes
By: Maya   |    September 5, 2012   |   0 Comments (1) (0)

When it comes to looking for mens costumes, it is advisable for you to be fully informed on your key measurements. You should know the right and exact measurements of your waist, chest, inseam and the hips as this will enable you to buy a costume that will be a particularly fit your body size. This article gives a summarized guide of the things you should consider when determining your body size and finding the most suitable costume. You you might also need to consider using a friend and a flexible measuring tape to assist you with the measurement.


Place your hands on the hips. Then move side by side to enable your friend determine your natural waistline. Your natural waistline is usually outlined at that specific point where your forms a bend when you move. To get the measurement, let your friend wrap the tape around the waist and take the right measurement around your belly button.


Get the best expansion of your chest and then back by letting your friend wrap the tape measure around it. Fold the tape measure and ensure the fold is neither too loose nor too tight. This will enable you get the right measurement for your chest.


Once again, place your hands on the hips. This process is often the easiest. The only thing you need to do is to let your friend replace your forefinger and your thumb with the tape measure and then pull the tape all around the hip level in order to get the accurate measurement.


Start by holding the tape measure at your top side of your inseam. Then allow your friend to draw the tape down but towards the inner side of your legs to finish at the top side of your ankle's bone. This type of measurement will be perfect for your inseam.


Measuring the torso takes three typical approaches. The first thing to do is to get these measurements is by turning your back so as it face your friend and then bend your head forward. Allow him to feel the small protrusion on your spine in for him to figure out the top side of your torso. Then, turn again to have one of your sides face him for him to feel the protrusion yet again. Measurement should start from that point. Allow him to draw the tape measure from the protrusion down to your natural waistline and you are through with the first torso measurement.
The other torso measurement starts with the tape measure with the protrusion on the nape but ending at a point a bit lower than hips' level.

Lastly, torso measurement can be executed by taking the measurement at the top side of your inseam. Note that the inseam is considered as the point where the fabric of each individual leg of your pants meets the other. Place the measuring tape at the protrusion to finish at the inseams' top in order to get a perfect measurement of the third torso.

At this point, you can consider the task of taking measurement as complete. You have taken all the measurements and recorded all the data. As such, you can use this data to find a perfect and a fitting mens costumes for your cause from any shop whether online or physical shop. Again, if you have decided to buy your costumes online, then you should worry more of not finding a perfect fitting costume which will make your online shopping experience even more enjoyable.

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