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How to let your luggage display your personality
By: Ama_luxe   |    October 29, 2013   |   0 Comments (0) (0)

Tepper Jackson

By Ama Addae | 10/24/13

With the weather getting colder by the day, we start dreaming and planning our next vacation, even if it's not far away. Cold weather and planning for travel seem to go hand-in-hand. Maybe we want to re-live our summer? Maybe we want warm weather? Maybe we just want a break! It’s easy to purchase simple, inexpensive luggage, usually colored black. But how boring is that?

Take a little extra time to find luggage in fun prints or unusual colors (such as the blue luggage set from the Travelers Club) that really displays your personality. My suggestion on where to get great deals for this is at outlet stores! Another idea is to wait until sale season and shop wihen great deals can be found.

If you are strapped for cash or time, an easy alternative to luggage is to use luggage tags (such as the selection from Tepper Jackson) that stand out against the color of your luggage set. It adds a bit of color and makes your luggage easily discernbile from the rest.

I know inside your luggage you’ve got cool stuff to show your personality, so try to have the outside of your luggage do the same.

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