How to Light Your Bedroom

Everyone has one, whether it’s a bedroom section of a studio apartment, in halls of residence, in your parent’s home, or in your own home. We associate our bedroom with a few different activities: usually sleep, relaxation, and a place to get into our clothes ready for the day ahead. A bedroom should be comfortable, warm, and easy to do these things in.

Before you begin to think about lighting, have a look at your room and consider:

·        Does it have much natural light?

o  If you have a large window, you will not require any lighting during the day, only at night.

·        How big is the room?

o  Smaller rooms need less lighting than larger ones, and it is easier to use just lighting to make a small room feel cosy. With a larger room, you may need to help it along.

·        Are you making the most of your space?

o  Large furnishings and dark colours can make a room feel small and dark, and it is important to find a balance between colour and light.

Good colours for a bedroom are reds, purples, blues, creams and browns. Avoid neon paints, bright colours such as yellow or green or all-over white (unless minimalist chic is the look you are going for). Once you have your colours in place, it becomes easier to light around it.

Strategically placed lamps

It’s all about location. Choose lamps in the same colour as your soft furnishings that appear to glow as the light fills them. If you have a desk or plan to read in bed, there should be lamps at each location.

Getting ready

It is important that when getting ready you can see what you are doing. Also, a bright light helps to wake you up and bring you round to the idea that it is now time to get up and embrace the day. Choose a lampshade or light fitting that makes the room as bright as possible for those dark winter mornings. Glass, crystal or light colours will do this for you.


In the ceiling light, 60w bulbs should do the trick (or a few 40w if it has multiple bulbs). In small lamps, opt for a lower wattage, maybe 25w. Don’t be misled by energy saving bulbs. They get brighter as they warm up!

Setting the scene

We also use the bedroom for setting the scene of seduction, so scrap the lamps (or have them low) and light some carefully placed candles to create a warm, welcoming romantic scene for you and your partner. Don’t forget to blow them out though, or the warm atmosphere could end up literally flaming hot.

Remember that it’s your room to relax in, and you have to make it your own special haven. Experiment with your lighting until you have created the atmosphere you desire.

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