How to Maintain a Healthy Life Style during Pregnancy

Pregnancy is the stage where every woman gets a second life. There are many changes that occur in her physiology during this time. So maintaining a healthy life is very important. Here attention and care should be given for both the pregnant woman and the fetus growing inside her womb. Every care should be given doubled. Let us see how to maintain a healthy life style during pregnancy in detail under following headings.


Pregnancy is divided into three trimesters. With each trimester the diet varies. For the first three months most of the woman does not like to eat any foods or like only to take particular kind of food stuff. This is due to the sudden hormonal changes in her body. She may feel nauseated with just the smell of the food stuff. It is very important to take proper amount of folic acid and iron supplements during this stage of pregnancy. It is always good to take vegetarian diet in order to avoid any risk of food poisoning.

During the second trimester she can start taking the proper diet. She must take at least 500ml of milk per day. She should also take green leafy vegetables every day. She can take all dry fruits from this time. A healthy weight gain of 1.5 to 2 kg per month is indicated for healthy normal woman. For obese and underweight women the intake varies. Every day she should take 2 – 3 bowls of fruit salad. For some people black grapes have found to cause constipation so it may be avoided.

During the third trimester she should take proper diet and rest. Iron and calcium supplementation throughout the pregnancy is strongly recommended. Throughout her pregnancy it is advised to take proper intake of water which is essential for her hydration.


Exercises are the main aspect of pregnancy. During first trimester exercises should be avoided as implantation takes place during this period. From the fourth month some mild exercises can be started. Pelvic floor exercises are very important for her to strengthen her pelvic muscles. Kegel’s exercise is also much necessary. This may prepare her body for a healthy and normal delivery. She should also do back exercises to prevent any sort of back pain.

A pregnant woman is prone to develop back aches as the weight increases in her lower abdomen. Walking is very important. At least 30 minutes of normal walking is advised every day. From the seventh month walking would be her main exercise as other exercises may be hard to do and not advisable as it may create pressure to the growing fetus. Walking bare foot in the grass in early morning and evening is very effective for both mental and physical health of a woman.

Yoga and meditation would be a key for the healthy development of the fetus.

Natural therapies:

Taking hipbaths, abdomen packs, eye packs often would soothe both for the fetus and the to-be-mother. She can hear mild music, read out good stories which is very good for the mental development for the baby inside.

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