How to make your wedding anniversary memorable?

Whether it is your first or the fifteenth, the way you celebrate your wedding anniversary should always be special. The first thing that worries you when you think of celebrating an anniversary is the budget. Let me make it clear, it is not about the money you spend, it is about the moments you share on that day! If you cannot think beyond buying an expensive gift or taking her out for a fancy meal, here are a few romantic ideas that will make your anniversary memorable.


Midnight surprise

Make a collage of those special memories you have had with your loved one or buy a digital photo frame and load it with your all time favourite photographs. You can also create a customised video of the assorted moments of your life you have had with your partner. This is an excellent idea for you and your partner to relieve old memories. It is much better than the regular soft toy and flowers drama.


Take the day off

Come on! It is not that difficult to take a day off for the most important person of your life. This gesture is priceless and your significant other will remember it in the years to come. You may be extremely busy in your routine but taking a break from your busy schedule on your anniversary will make your partner feel special.



Make your big day special from the very moment you get up. Wake up a little early and cook delicious breakfast for your spouse and serve it on the bed. Surprise your partner with a tray full of delicacies along with a small gift hidden between the napkins. 


Preserve the moments

As you plan to surprise your spouse with these sweet little gestures, do not forget to capture their expressions. Keep your digital camera or a camcorder handy at all times. You can buy branded digital cameras, handycams and digital photo frames


Pamper your partner

Men are pretty sorted when it comes to work; it is just one thing that they have to manage whereas the women have to manage both work and home. Even the housewives are not lucky as the household chores just don’t seem to end. Gift your wife a well deserved spa treatment while you can take care of her job for a day. This is a special way of telling her you care.


Candle light dinner

After a fun filled day, plan out a candle light dinner for your loved one. Sip your favourite wine along with mouth-watering delicacies at the restaurant you both frequently visited during your courtship period.


Recall the memories of your wedding night

End this day in an intimate way by recreating the magic of your wedding night all over again. Share some romantic and intimate moments with your loved one. Shop for some accessories you will need for a naughty night. Men can gift sexy lingerie to their lady love to make the night even more memorable.




















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