How to Really Decorate on a Shoestring

If you get your inspiration from a home design network or magazine, stop. Part of many people’s problem with budget decorating is the inability to prioritize. The magazine that cost you $5 just took precious funds from your overall decorating budget of $250. You can try and save money with scholarships, coupondand more, but the fact is, you don’t need to spend much at all to update your home in a jiffy.

There are a number of completely free decorating resources literally right outside your door. Mother Nature provides a bevy of possibilities from pine cones to shells that are both beautiful and free. Just like addingremote blindsmakes you windows more functional and beautiful, so does the rest of your home when you make it over.

Try these tips for beautifying your home without breaking the bank.

Go the Free Route

Foraging is a frugal and local way to eat. Foragers scour the local countryside and even their backyard for delicious, nutritious items that are completely free. The good news is you can do the same thing when it comes to decorating, while also instilling a sense of peace and character into your home.

Try making a day of heading to the local river to search for rocks, or take a trip to the beach to collect sand and shells for that vase centerpiece. Not only will your home be more beautiful, you will have spent enjoyable time with your family.

If you do look at trends in home decorating, you’ll notice there’s a movement back to nature. Nevertheless, why spend money on a bark conversational piece when you can find the exact same thing (or better) in the wild? Get creative and collect keepsakes from outings with friends and family. Creating a Zen sanctuary in your home doesn’t have a price.

Where a Little Cash Is Handy

The biggest way to change up a room is to paint the walls. All you need is some quality paint, brushes and a few friends to make it happen. Paint is relatively affordable, plus you can score a great deal on discarded gallons at the store when someone else doesn’t end up buying what they requested. You reap the benefits when they return it.

Remember that neutral tones are the most relaxing and least likely to go out of style. Painting with shine ebbs and flows, but a matte color is classic. Choose something that’s light enough to lift your spirits so you don’t feel bogged down in the new room. Most importantly, create a fun atmosphere when painting to instill positive energy in the new room.

The New Thrifting

You may have read news about people discovering expensive paintings at Goodwill for a few dollars. You probably won’t have that kind of luck, but there really is a treasure trove at your local secondhand stores. Forget the stores filled with cheap furniture and fake wood. Get the real thing for a fraction of the price and consider a sanding and staining project to make it yours.

Don’t get caught up in the idea that you need to spend a lot to decorate. Home decoration is an evolving, fluid project that never ends. Your tastes will change as you change. Consider it an ongoing project that fits seamlessly into your budget.


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