How to Smell Like Sushi (It's Easier Than You Think)


Demeter has released a cologne that smells like your favorite Japanese culinary delight: Sushi. Because, you know, smelling like sushi has been a demand for quite some time now. So, if you're looking to pick up a bottle of this extravagant scent, make sure to get to retailers as soon as possible because this stuff is going to sell out faster than popsicles in Moscow in February.


Demeter Fragrances has solved a real problem for Americans: Why take a date to a sushi restaurant when you can just show up smelling like the sushi restaurant? Yes, the company has a “Sushi” cologne.

Demeter doesn’t say which kind of sushi its scent is going for — California roll? Spider roll? Spicy tuna roll? — but does reassure wearers that they won’t smell fishy. From the cologne’s official description:

“Not what you think it would smell like! Demeter’s Sushi is the fresh scent of just cooked sticky rice and straight from the seaside seaweed, laced with hints of ginger and lemon essences. Simply delectable… after all, if it smelled like fish, would you wear it?” Read More

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