How to Throw or Attend A Luxurious Christmas Party

It is the time of year many people anticipate – the holiday season. They love being able to get together with friends and family at a Christmas party.


If you are the one planning a Christmas party, you have a wide variety of themes from which to choose. You can have a cookie swap party, or a cookie decorating party for kids. If you are feeling really ambitious, you could assemble a gingerbread house, which the guests then get to eat.


Perhaps you want to have a tree decorating party and get your whole family together to trim the tree and share stories. Or perhaps you want to make the ornaments and decorate them. The kids can put their own unique touches onto each ornament that will become a treasure for years to come.


You can also get all of your best friends together and watch your favorite Christmas movies. You might even have fun combining this with a coffee tasting or a tea party. An afternoon with friends, laughing and sharing good times can be a welcome stress reliever from the holidays, which can be crazy.


Dog lovers can get together and have special treats for the pooches, as well as fun activities for them. Since dogs are often sociable creatures, this is a great way to get the four-legged members of the family some exercise and some social interaction. Plus, think of all of the cute costumes you can get for your canine friend!


You can serve a fancy meal or have a series of tasty appetizers. If you want to save yourself some stress the day of the Christmas party, you can make most of the food a day or two ahead and then just heat it back up, instead of having to spend hours in the kitchen.


If you are invited to a Christmas party, there are some tips to keep in mind on how to be the best guest there. First, when the invitation arrives, be sure to RSVP within a proper amount of time so your host will know how much food to buy and seating to arrange. Then, once you have said you will be there, be sure to not cancel right before the party unless you have a really good reason, and be on time.


It helps if you contact your host a couple of days before the Christmas party and ask what he or she would like for you to bring. An appetizer or dessert, or even a bottle of wine makes a good impression and helps your host. It also helps your host a lot to offer to help clean up after it ends. Clearing the room or helping dry the dishes will speed up their cleanup time a lot.


Be sure to socialize at the party, and keep the conversation light. If you look like you are not having fun, your host will likely take it as a sign they are not doing their job well. After the party is over, follow up a couple of days later with a ‘thank you’ note. It is still appreciated in this digital age.



Author bio: Teresa Jens is a mom, blogger and a freelance writer. Due to her mixed ancestry she speaks fluently Spanish and Danish so it is no surprise she recently started writing for Femina and their fancy Christmas party campaign (also known by the Danes as julefrokost fra Femina).

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