How to turn your family vacation into a cultural fest

Travelling is the most favorite and preferred leisure time activity of the majority of the population in the whole world. The travel enthusiasts can be categorized into different segment in accordance with their preferences. While some of them would prefer a completely organized tour where day of your vacation is pre planned, the backpackers would just pack the absolutely necessary stuffs in their haversack and set off for the distant places. But in case you are planning for a trip with your whole family, then it is best to plan it well ahead of time to make the most of your vacation.

Why plan early?

It is obvious that in a family vacation the members will be from various age groups. Some of them might be kids, teenagers or even elderly person. Since it is very difficult for them to adjust with the various extreme circumstances that may arise in an unplanned vacation it is best to book travelling tickets, hotels and rental cars well ahead of time. Planning early can actually help in avoiding a lot of problems that may arise while travelling in a foreign or even to a neighbouring land. Whether you are taking a trip to a distant land or nearby territories, you have to hire a car for sightseeing. Here are some carrental tips that can help you in making your journey really memorable.

  • Firstly, unlike air tickets which are provided by renowned aviation, the rental cars are available from local dealers. Therefore, you must ensure whether the service providers are reliable or not.
  • If you Google for a rental car service in a particular country or state of a country, thousands of service providers will pop up in the webpage. It is obvious that you opt for the one that is reasonably priced. But along with the price you must also check the quality of service they provide. Try to read the reviews present in the official site before opting for the best one.
  • One of the most important carrental tips is that you should opt for supplier that is registered with some governmental body.

Emerge yourself in the local culture and traditions to make your trip unforgettable

Most of the travel enthusiasts have a burning desire to know about the local history, civilization, society, traditions and ways of life in the distant land. The more they travel, they yearn for it. If you are also interested in learning about the culture of the distant lands, then you should consider visiting these countries during those particular times when they host some cultural festival. Every country has some unique tradition that is rooted in its cultural heritage and that what makes it different from the rest. For example the best time to visit European countries like France or Portugal is the during the Easter holidays as the whole nation is in a festive mood and visitors get the opportunity to witness and be a part of the authentic traditions.

If you have plans to witness the oriental culture of India with your own eyes, then there is no better time than the months of October and November. The weather is perfect and the whole country is a festive mood. In different regions of the nation different fascinating festivals are organized like the Dussera, Durga Puja, Diwali and many more. On the day of Diwali the whole country lightens up in the radiance of the fire crackers that is a sight worth seeing. It will turn out to be a memorable journey indeed.

Christmas and New Year are the ideal time to visit the western countries as all the common people are in the mood to celebrate the festival as well as the coming of the new year which ensures a new and bright beginning.

If you and your family are passionate about the indigenous culture of the different parts of the world then a research well before time about the famous cultural festivals that are associated with different nation and plan a vacation accordingly to turn your vacation into a cultural fest.

Author Bio : The above article is written by Genelia, who is a great travel enthusiast. She loves to travel abroad with her kids and spends most of his time writing articles on his personal traveling experiences. Visit his site on carrental tips.

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