How YOU Might Be Picked for the Best Dressed List

Vanity Fair

Vanity Fair is opening up the annual International Best-Dressed List up to everybody, which could even include you, if you're willing to dress up and submit an image of yourself in some seriously cool fashions. I'm even considering uploading a picture of myself, which would be unfair to other participants, but I'm pretty excited about the prospect of winning some cool Gucci gear. 


GO ON, ADMIT IT. What fashion-conscious person hasn’t fantasized at some point in the last 70-some years of finding themselves on the International Best-Dressed List?

Oh, you can scoff and say it’s just a publicity stunt. Actually, that’s exactly what it was when Eleanor Lambert dreamed it up to promote American designers during World War II. And it still is, as a popular feature that helps sell issues of Vanity Fair ever since the magazine took stewardship of the list a decade ago. Read More

Michael P.

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