Huge News: Lindsay Lohan NOT a Lesbian

Lindsay Lohan in terrible dress

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Apparently Lindsay Lohan had an encounter with a rather aggressive female suitor, where the actress had to put it bluntly that she's, "not into girls anymore - that was just a phase [she] was going through." No word on how the National Enquirer got exact quotes from inside a bathroom at a bar, but hey, it's interesting nonetheless. 


STOP THE PRESSES...AND WEEP, LESBIANS, WEEP! My stop-the-world scoop kicks off in the wee hours at a trendy LA nightspot, where LINDSAY LOHAN, chillin’ with pals, ignores lovestruck eyes trying to lock with hers...until a waiter approaches and whispers discreetly: “The lady at the next table would like to buy you a drink!”

Politely declining, LiLo looked over at the late-20-ish hottie who’d been eyeballing her, and mouthed: “Thanks anyway.” But later, when Lindsay hit the ladies’ room and was about to slip into a stall, a hand stroked her arm...and suddenly, she was looking straight into the smitten eyes of her female admirer, who told her urgently: “Lindsay, I’ve been staring at you all night. You’re so beautiful!" Read More


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