Huntington's Japanese Garden Returns with Splendor

When traveling throughout California and arriving in Pasadena there is a wonderful garden that you should put on your list of places to see.  The iconic Huntington's Japanese Garden is a scenic wonder with japanese architectural designs and flowing waters that will soothe the soul.  This spectacular garden has recently been renovated, taking about one year for completion, and is more magical than ever.

This garden was originally constructed in 1912 and over the years has added many new sections and buildings to make it what it is today.  A new teahouse (transported from Kyoto) with a flowing waterfall has recently been added as one of the new points of interest for all to enjoy.  Spend your afternoon walking over bridges, listening to soothing waters, and of course the aroma of the gardens is a lasting memory.

The gardens over the years have been used as a great educational tool for children and adults alike.  The day will be spent viewing coi ponds, the Japanese House, the Tea House, and enjoying the serenity of the Zen Garden. 

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