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I need help setting a new menu any suggestions for a luxury pasta dish that is also healthy
By: Eamonn   |    Service Manager | RVNetwork
July 23, 2014   |   3 Responses


Susan Kime commented on October 18, 2014

Just saw your question -- I like making basil and green olive pasta.. With a few leaves of diced spinach tossed in. Then top with shredded asiago cheese.

Eamonn commented on September 5, 2014

Thanks Courtney , I am in Thailand so will use Thai Sweet Basil as can not get the other type

Courtney Driver commented on September 3, 2014

Going with a red sauce will always be the best bet, since pesto is so oil heavy and cream sauces tend to be high in fat. To take it to the next level and make it luxurious, I would top it off with an expensive artisanal cheese and fresh basil. If you do prefer to go with an oil-based dressing/sauce, you might choose a capellini and consider topping it with caviar.

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