If You Thought RTA Kitchen Cabinets Weren't For You Then Think Again

2012 has seen an enormous increase in the popularity ofready to assemble kitchen cabinets. This may be due to the easy cost on your pocket or to the fact that real estate agents are recommending to switch out yourkitchen cabinetsfor a kitchen makeover which is more likely to attract buyers and add value to your property. Whatever the reason, it's clear thatRTA cabinetsare an attractive and affordable option for modernizing your home.

Self assembly Kitchen Cabinets once had a stigma attached to them and were considered by most people to be cheap shoddy products full of particle board and laminate fronts which buckled and peeled within days of installing them. Today's improved RTA kitchen cabinetry however, paints a very different picture and is made with superior materials which last as well as a custom finish.

Benefiting Homeowners

Homeowners want their properties to make a statement. After all, it's been a huge investment which they will be paying off for years, so it needs to look good, right! Whilst most people want a good looking show room style kitchen which sets the overall tone for their home and is the envy of their friends, not everyone has deep enough pockets to afford high end, custom built cabinetry which smacks of elegance, modernity and indulgence. However, modern dayRTA cabinetsdo have the ability to accomplish this feat. By choosing cabinets made from all wood and with high end specifications similar to Kraftmaid, with features such as soft closure, dove tail joints and concealed hinging, together with a myriad of woods, finishes and styles, homeowners can have their dream kitchen at a fraction of the cost.

Benefiting rental owners

Rental property owners are another group of people who are reaping the benefits of DIY Kitchen Cabinets. This sector is looking to upgrade their facilities and give the impression of high end living without having to pay the price tag associated with custom furniture. Whilst rental owner's aren't new to purchasing self assembly cabinets for their properties, they were tired of having to replace particle cabinets which soon let them down. Now, with the rise of much improved RTA cabinetry, they have become popular once more. Installing stylishready to assemble cabinets into rental properties is the easiest way to upgrade the property and theinexpensive kitchen cabinet will substantially increase the rental potential. If you walk into any high end apartment complex you'll be sure to see modern kitchens, and you wouldn't pay the price if the kitchen wasn't bang on the money, would you?

So, if you're looking to add value and breathe fresh life into your kitchen, you may want to take another look at ready to assemble kitchen cabinets.


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