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San Francisco Questions: I'm only in San Francisco for a weekend, what are the must-sees? Maybe something not included in the typical tourist guide
By: Ayesha   |    Freelance Writer
September 26, 2012   |   2 Responses


Alicia commented on October 28, 2013

Avoiding tourist traps is a fairly easy task in San Francisco. A street car is a street car, and Fisherman's Wharf is nice, sure, but there's a lot more to the city than clam chowder and old fashioned mass transit! On my last visit, besides the tourist traps, I had fun racing my friends up the "world's most steep hill," a great meal at Lers Ros Thai (that's just one restaurant, hit as many as you can!), and a surprisingly impressive visit to Chinatown.

Marcus commented on October 2, 2012

Hey - Did you find anything? Will be in town this weekend (over from the UK for work), so any input welcome!

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