Impressive French Cuisine Located 40 Stories Above Chicago

Mt. Everest isn't the only Everest that can claim fame to it's heights.  The famous Everest restaurant located in Chicago soars 40 stories above the cities streets.  Located in the Chicago Stock Exchange building this restaurant not only offers a heightened view but also has an elevated menu of culinary creations to match.  Chef Jean Joho is an "artful master" at what he is ready to prepare for you.

The ambiance the dining room is a masterful work of art.  With bronze sculptures placed carefully around the room and masterful art works from 4 different artists adorning the walls, the ambiance in this dining room is most luxurious. The list of accolades for Chef Joho are a continued reminder of the excellence and care that he takes when preparing each and every dish.

The menu changes according to the season to provide only the freshest ingredients in preparing your culinary creations.  There are a host of wines to choose from to compliment your dinner.  Tasting menus are available for those interested in sampling a variety of french cuisine. The dessert menu is an added welcome indulgence to compliment this fine dining experience.

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