India - Land of Cultural Festivals

India is a unique land of vibrant aspects. This incredible country is extensively acclaimed for its diversity. India is one of those beautiful countries which affirm to be a precious gem in the diadem of world tourism. As it is a diverse land everything is found in abundance here. God has left nothing to beautify this amazing nation. It has been blessed with almost all of the world’s enigmatic wonders. The place is replete with Natural as well as artificial attractions. It is not feasible to describe the alluring charm of India in words. But still to give you an insight of this culturally rich nation I would like to describe some of its vivid features which make this land an exclusive and exceptional country. Festival tour packages India are best way to experience cultural diversity in India.

India is the only land which because of its diverse geographical terrain is exquisitely decorated with amazing natural wonders. These natural marvels are otherwise found in distant parts of the world. The natural opulence of this country is one of the reasons why India is considered as one of the most beautiful destinations of the world. The natural splendor, rich culture, enigmatic customs, unique traditions, glorious history and legendary heritage largely contribute in making this country more beautiful. Besides all these the cultural aspects is what makes this enchanting land exclusive and unique. It is the only place where every nook and cranny exhibits its cultural significance. 

As you know that there are many aspects which collectively make this country the most remarkable nation of the world. But the most easy and eminent way to explore the cultural richness of the place is through its vibrant fairs and festivals. India is the only country which celebrates a large number of festivals. These festivals of India affirm to be the best way to explore the cultural tour packages India. Every region in India showcases its rich culture in its own distinctive way.

There are myriads of festival which this culturally rich land celebrates as it is a multilingual land in which every region and religion has its own festivals and cultural significance. Mentioning all of its vivid festivals would not be easy. Therefore to give you a brief introduction to its festivals I am describing some of the most prominent ones. Diwali, Holi, Dussehra, Raksha Bandhan, Eid, Navaratri are the major festivals which the whole of India celebrates with a lot of zeal and enthusiasm.  Apart from these there are certain festivals which are less known to the world but have equal importance in India. Camel festival and elephant festival of Rajasthan is one of the dominant festivals of north India.

These festivals are dedicated to these animals only. During these festivals camels and elephants are adorned with embellishments and are made to participate in large procession. Some fun games are also organized for these animals. Goa carnival is another largely celebrated festival during which people forget all worries and make merry with lot of enthusiasm. There are certain other festivals too like Teej festival, Pushkar fair, Gangaur festival, desert festival, Konark Dance Festival which showcases the rich culture and let you observe the sheer essence of travel packages India.


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