India Going Plus-Sized In A Hurry

Plus-size India

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India's fashion industry has always been booming, but now it seems to be blooming as average sizes are driven upwards by a growing obesity problem. Health implications aside, this comes as a mixed bag. There's nothing wrong with being plus-sized, and everyone deserves to look good, but does this mean that the culture out east is embracing the change instead of fighting to keep fit?


India’s niche plus-size retail industry is, excuse the pun, expanding. As the country’s rates of obesity and weight gain have gone up, so has the market for larger clothing, and the interest from foreign and local retailers. Most recently, Italian luxury suit maker Corneliani has started a tailoring service to make its $2,000 suits accomodate Indian gentlemen of larger mid-sections.


The service is popular with politicians, businessmen, and heftier celebrities. But less expensive brands are also catering to the growing girth of India’s middle class. Nearly a third of India’s adult men will be overweight by 2015, according to World Health Organization estimates. (Read More)


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