India Luxury Tour - A Wonderful Way to Holiday

India is one of the most multifarious holiday destinations in the world. A blend of unique history, geography, culture, and respected traditions, this colorful country provides a wonderful way to holiday to every travel enthusiast. Dotted with a number of colorful tourist destinations, India Luxury Holidays aim at providing exclusive experiences to travelers who eagerly want to live these exclusive experiences of life. 

In fact, the irresistible desire to relive these experiences intrigues many tourists who are willing to visit India. Be it experiencing real adventure in the Himalayas, under the surrounding seas, or receiving immaculate treatment with its earthy hospitality, these experiences are truly matchless. Here we are mentioning some of the exclusive experiences that one can find and live only in India.

1. Royalty – Only in India, one can be a king during the holidays. This wonderful majesty can be experienced in the erstwhile land of Rajas - Rajasthan. This largest state is dotted with many forts, palaces, lavish mansions, many of which are now converted into heritage properties. Travelers can opt to stay in such heritage hotels where the royal experience awaits them. During this Royal Rajasthan Tour, they can cherish the royal welcome in the company of flowers, garlands, forehead marked with red Tilak and folk dance beats. Besides this, the indulgent luxury of being attended by Royal Khidmatgar and served with regional flavorful cuisines is another great way to experience the royalty of India.

2. Spices and Curries – The fragrance of spices and different flavors invite many visitors to India and taste its amazing culinary treasures. As diverse as India, these recipes are cooked, spiced and relished differently in the 28 states of the country. A holiday spent in India will allow a visitor to taste the hotness of red pepper or Mirchi, the hot and aromatic flavors of Cinnamon, the tinge of Garam Masala and many other spices in his way to Spice Route. Besides this, a tourist gets a chance to relish the famous curries, Dals, Dosa, Idlis, and inviting non-vegetarian delights as well.

3. Basking on a Beachside – Most of the tourists throng to India for its beaches. Blessed with 7517 km coastline, India has a variety of beaches. Some are chirping not only with the sound of surf, but because of the heavy inflow of tourists. There are other beaches in India that wrap a traveler in their serene silence. Both the kinds of beaches are frequented by travelers, especially foreigners who want to soak the sun, splash the waters and savor the seafood. For beaches in India, one should go for Goa Beach Tour to enjoy the carefree spree of the beaches and the state.

4. Ayurveda – this 5000 year old discipline is the most important feature of visiting India. Ayurveda is a holistic treatment to rectify the imbalances of the body, normally referred to as Doshas. Every human body constitutes three doshas - Vata, Pitta, Kapha. The holistic therapies and remedies devised under this branch aim at the providing solutions to the ultimate well-being. Spa therapies are another dimension of Ayurvedic treatments aiming at comforting the mind, body and soul through natural Indian treatments, traditional massages, body wrap and masks we have speacial arrangment for Goa Spa Tours.

5. Yoga – Many travelers in search of peace explore India through Yoga. Literally meaning as a Union with one’s own self, is another way of curing troubles. This therapy includes various postures or asanas to enhance the flexibility of the body and attain the spiritual meditative bliss. 

Besides this, there are other unique experiences to Go India Tour, readily available to make their tour a wonderful bunch of surprises. For all this and much more, just embark on your India Luxury Tour.


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