India Luxury Train Tour-Living Legacy Of The Royal Past

Luxury trains in India are not just an answer to its European counterpart, The Orient Express in terms of its world class elegance and grace. Instead, this concept is a living testimony of its royal heritage that used to serve as the pride of this rich golden bird called India. Rich in resources, sumptuousness and indulgence, these luxurious kingdoms always evoked fascination among the surrounding world. Those stout kings, their bedecked attires, their idiosyncrasies, brave game chases and splurging indulgence, all seem to be true only in stories. Nowadays, such exclusive experiences sound like a fantasy that can never be fulfilled. But in India, anything can happen. These fantasies of living life like a king can be realized and relived during a journey aboard the India luxury Train where tourists can experience the privilege of being a king for seven days.

These trains are based on the most prevalent and indulgent experiences of the past that were only restricted to the kings and their clan. These Rajas and Maharajas were the monarchs by birth who were respected by their empire and people. Their accounts of bravery, chivalry and honour used to serve as the kingdom’s pride. Their palaces alone used to stand out in the region for their intricate vision of blending architectural aesthetics, lavishness and artistry altogether. They were the connoisseurs who encouraged arts, music, dance, performances, paintings and food. Also, not to forget their royal tours for the game and invasions were bedecked with all the luxury as necessities, including the royal chef who used to prepare on demand recipes for the king.

All these erstwhile legends and accounts serve as a backdrop behind the concept of luxury trains in India. The passageway bedecked with the magnificent paintings of royal stature leading to the royally furnished coupes serves just the beginning of this seven day celebratory fiesta. The India luxury train is generally divided into chambers. The first section of the train is obviously the engine followed by the elegantly furnished royal coupes for passengers on the both sides. In the middle, there are two restaurants and a lounge where a conversation can be enjoyed along with drinks and royal cuisines prepared by the butlers.

Presently, there are five luxury train brands in India that are keeping the flag of the luxurious Indian regions alive in complete splendour. Of all the royal trains, the name of Palace on Wheels is taken with great respect, love and admiration. Of course, this train has completed its 30 year milestone run in continuity. This fact automatically establishes the renown of this heritage train that utilizes the coaches used by the royal Nizams and Rajputs during the pre-independence era. Now, the train is keeping the heritage of royalty alive while chugging in Rajasthan. Another luxury train of the state, Royal Rajasthan on Wheels is the modern day interpretation of luxury juxtaposed with royalty is another kingly attraction, enticing passengers to board this dream trail. 

The third in the series is Deccan Odyssey allows tourists to explore the bountiful rich heritage of the peninsular India providing the royal Maratha experience. The fourth famous luxury train is not a single train but a franchise chugging on two famous routes of the south. Renowned as the Golden Chariot, the train’s first route intricately explores the beauty of the many worlds of Karnataka through Pride of South Train tour. The train’s second arm trails around the beauty and bounties of Tamil Nadu and Kerala under The Southern Splendour. 

The last but not the least under the luxury trains in India is not just a train, but a grand gala of luxury trains. Celebrated as Maharajas’ Express, this train is not a single train, but a franchise exploring the royalty on five seasoned routes. The Heritage of India tracks the heritage from the ancient Ajanta and Ellora caves and later ventures into Rajasthan. The Indian Splendour is a magical journey tracing the heritage of Gujarat and Rajasthan. The Indian Panorama Train is a royal sojourn in Rajasthan, Khajuraho and Varanasi. The last two routes, Gems of India and Treasures of India are nothing but the small routes to royalty discovering the bountiful heritage of Delhi, Agra and Jaipur for the period of four days. 

In fact, these luxury trains are keeping the heritage of royalty intact in India and even realize the dreams of many passengers who want to live the life of a king for a week completely. For detailed knowledge, visit India luxury train.


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