India Tour Packages - Tourism sector in India shares six percentage of the GDP

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Tourism as an industry is quickly developing in the country. It is rising to be one among the vital export industries in the country. The flow of foreign tourists were comparatively low this year, still the tourism industry in India contributed six percentages to the economy. Tourism sector includes large number of revenue contributors namely airlines, travel affiliates, hotels so on. The India tour campaign, especially incredible India is so popular all over the world. From the year 2006 onwards Indian tourism is witnessing a tremendous growth in the number of foreign travellers. The employment opportunities created by the tourism sector in India comes nearly around ten percentages. In 2005 and 2006 the tourist visits in India were around 5.5 million, astonishingly by the end of 2011 it showed a 25 percentage increase. As a result the foreign exchange of India is getting 12% more revenue. The number of domestic travellers is also increasing along with the foreign travellers who are visiting India. The travel agents in India play a vital part in advertizing the tour packages in India like Golden triangle tours, Indian honeymoon packages so on. The revenue from the hospitality industry such as Mumbai hotels, and other hotels in India are notably on the up. Even if the Indian rupee is falling against the US dollar, experts think that Indian tourism will be less influenced by it. With the recent hike in petrol, domestic travels in India turned to be a little bit expensive, still the reservation quires at Delhi hotels and hotels in other tourist attractions in India remain unaffected. All these show the growing tendency of Indian tourism We provide kerala tour packages, kerala tours, kerala honeymoon packages and more For More - website - Email - Phone - 8285040905

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