Individuality to improve your home

There are few things left in the world that seem truly unique and I think part of the problem we have when we look for the unique and the individual is that all too often we try to create something new. Yes, something new and shiny, surely that is the way to grab a little piece of something for ourselves that we can call our own?

Let’s just rewind for a minute here and contemplate that everyone else is doing exactly the same thing and there is nothing individual about that. Instead of joining in this crazy race for the new, how about taking the opposite tack? How about going for the old? Reclaiming and recycling are fast becoming the new way of stamping individuality into both your house and your wardrobe. Sounds good right, so how can you get a piece of the action?

One place to think about making a start is your flooring. Reclaimed flooring is hardwearing, stable, eco-friendly and unique so not only will you get that individual look you were after but you can feel good about doing it too!

Then when you consider that reclaimed flooring has already lived through maybe a hundred years of humidity and temperature changes and survived intact to fight another day you realise that the quality of the wood is second to none. In fact, it often out-strips modern hardwood floors in performance tests which is thought to be attributed to the lower levels of air pollutions when the trees were harvested and also the age of the trees when felled.

Next comes the problem of finding such a specific product right? Wrong! What was once a small business has blossomed over the past few years with the contemporary notion of using reclaimed wood in home décor. There are lots of suppliers available online such as The Reclaimed Flooring Company whose ethical approach to reclaimed flooring is sure to strike a chord in these eco-savvy times.

Once installed in your home the reclaimed wood will not only look beautiful and be durable but will also add an exciting feature that is sure to be a talking point amongst friends and family. And on top of that, reclaimed wooden flooring may even increase the value of your house and help you sell your property quicker should you decide to move on.

So what are you waiting for, ignore the crowds at Ikea and go source yourself some true individuality!


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