Indulge Yourself in Luxury by Designing a Lavish Home Interior

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Designing a lavish home décor is the dream of many people and so they check out decorating publications to get the tips for designing the luxurious home interior. Imitation marble work and faux finishes may look thrilling to you when your budget is low. However when cash is not a problem, you could think of decorating your estate or your upscale luxury condo in the most spectacular fashion.

Let’s check out a few tips for designing the interior of a lavish home:

Choose unique furniture

Pick up unique furniture or piece of art as the focal point of each room. You may opt for a striking original painting, an antique breakfront or a silk kimono. The dramatic placement of the furniture would command notice irrespective of what else is placed in your room. The significance of these elements will help you to understand why the top-of-the-line designers start with one focal point in each room.

Present interior contents with rich wall colors

Display the interior contents of your house with neutral but rich wall colors in order that your expensive furnishings and accessories are not overwhelmed with too many colors. You could make use of one bold color in a section of your wall but expand the palette to other walls. This will help you to set up the elegance in your home. Try to avoid white color until and unless you want to achieve high contrast with silver, black or red. If you stick to muted and warm caramels or many shades of tan, it will help to provide you the canvas from which you will be able to hang your furnishings and decorating themes.

Purchase elegant handmade furniture

Try to purchase elegant handmade furniture created with rare mahogany wood, accessories like raw silk fabric and hand-embroidered accents pillows. You could hardly find oak tree furniture in a luxury home as it is abundant and affordable. Handcrafted wood artifacts, vintage tapestries and stylish inlaid chests help to radiate an aura of wealth in your home.

Discover exclusive flooring materials

Get flooring materials that are exclusive in quality and looks. Marble, real wood, flooring and high-end slate in luxury homes are often created with high-end finishing materials, making their own statement of luxury. You could consider a blend of decorated woods with Italian marbles. Moreover you could make use of handmade porcelain tiles imported from Holland. If you use marble with cherry or teak in the bathroom or kitchen, it will help to light up your room in an elegant way.

Look for fashionable crystal arrangements

Look for fashionable crystal arrangements such as sconces, chandeliers and candelabrum. Try to think outside your formal dining area. Singer Jennifer Lopez dangled crystal chandeliers over the cribs of her twin babies and so there is simply no reason why you could not put a crystal chandelier in your bathroom or bedroom. The seductive sparkle of crystal will boost up the ambiance of luxury. Most high-end designers prefer to use the French crystal, so if your accessories bear the Lalique® and Baccarat® brands, you will be right on the money.

Place fresh flowers and plants

A lavish room with fresh flowers and plants help to refresh your décor. You could make use of crystal vases of orchids or gladiolus. Moreover keeping Ming Dynasty vases with chrysanthemum or lavish tulip bouquets in a glass bowl at the time of snowfall reflect the simple elegance of an affluent home.

Invest in best linens

You could also invest in best linens. Cashmere blankets, High-count Egyptian sheets, silk duvet covers and satin curtains bordered with Belgian lace reflect your commitment to luxury. Furthermore bed pillows enclosed in Battenberg pillowcases and curtain tiebacks woven of satin braid and imported silk with or without gold threads reflect the elegance to the interior of your home. Try to purchase bed linens from Yves Delorme, Frette and Pratesi or else you could choose Ralph Lauren or the rare 1,500-thread count import for sleeping in the lap of luxury.

Arrange everything in an appealing way

Remember that the furnishings, fittings, appliances, accessories, window treatments or the floor coverings do not merely contribute to the luxury of your room. It depends upon the way you put together everything in an appealing way. Brag your great taste to all by coordinating a decorating plan for your luxury home so that it looks effortless and breathtaking.

Follow these simple tips for designing the interior of your lavish room and indulge yourself in luxury in the comforts of your own home.

Albert Smith is passionate about home renovation, architectural design and gardening. He is a freelance architect and a property management consultant in West Palm Beach, Florida. Currently he is writing about protective products and lavish home interior designing. Albert suggests his readers to follow Paisley Protectives for additional information on surface protection.

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