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Instagram Photos Streamed Right to Your Living Room
By: Sally Farris   |    September 18, 2012   |   0 Comments (0) (0)

Image Courtesy of Instacube
Remember the days when you had to go to the store and wait an hour to get your favorite photos developed and framed? Well, those tiresome days are over. Walls and refrigerators have become awfully barren, with nothing but Van Gogh forgeries, Marilyn Monroe posters, and local optometry magnets to cover them. Why? Because now you can see your life play out on the internet, so there is no need to display it in your home.

Thanks to Facebook and Instagram, framed photographs seem to be a thing of the past. Or are they? It appears that people still miss physical representations of important moments and a new project called the Instacube seeks to resurrect that practice, in a trendy, cost-effective, and digital way.
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