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Remember the days when you had to go to the store and wait an hour to get your favorite photos developed and framed? Well, those tiresome days are over. Walls and refrigerators have become awfully barren, with nothing but Van Gogh forgeries, Marilyn Monroe posters, and local optometry magnets to cover them. Why? Because now you can see your life play out on the internet, so there is no need to display it in your home.

Thanks to Facebook and Instagram, framed photographs seem to be a thing of the past. Or are they? It appears that people still miss physical representations of important moments and a new project called the Instacube seeks to resurrect that practice, in a trendy, cost-effective, and digital way.
The Instacube, scheduled to launch in 2013, is every hipster’s dream; the six and a half square inches of LCD touchscreen displays favorite Instagram photos at home or at the office, without anyone being forced to ogle a tiny smart-phone screen. Now self-proclaimed photographers can display pictures of their dogs and sunsets to their hearts content. Some may think it's a dangerous game, instantly sharing amateur photos, but we already do that so why not make it bigger, simpler, and even more vintagey-looking?

Created by D2M (Design to Matter), the Instacube is specifically designed to work with the photo-sharing site Instagram. The cube maintains the 600x600 pixel resolution that the site exports at, to ensure that all photos keep the same quality they were initially shared in. Also partnering with SmartThings, the Instacube team intends to make their creation into a digital butler programmed to alert you when your coffee is ready, the doorbell is ringing, or any number of other things you could use on a daily basis.
Averaging at about $100, the digital picture frame is a hot commodity, but the Instacube offers not only a wireless, digital, and attractive frame, it also provides an easy, instant way to share already edited photos for only $49 more than the general cost of the digital frame.
The Instacube is not just for the artsy social media enthusiast though, the creators are on a quest to make it a marketing tool as well. The plan is that a company can advertise a particular hashtag on their Instagram account, and when another Instagram user uploads a photo with that keyword, it will display on the company’s Instacube. This in-store marketing allows potential buyers to see real-life users interacting with the product in real-time. Whether it is for the good of society or not, the Instacube offers a service which is clear many people desire: an easy way to share full-size photos from anywhere (except somewhere without wireless internet), with anyone (within sight of your Instacube, that is) and at any time (as long as you have battery power or a working outlet).

You can snatch a Classic style Instacube for only $149 on Kickstarter.

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