Interview with Drew Barrymore about Her Makeup Line

Sara Jaye Weiss/Startraks

Drew Barrymore has a new beauty line out called Flower and she couldn't be more smitten with her creations. And, coming from someone who has quite literally worn makeup her entire life for movies, fashion shoots and makeup campaigns, there is a huge chance the line will be exceptional. 


Many celebrities have lent their lovely faces to major makeup campaigns, but few have gone as far as to create their own lines. Drew Barrymore, however, has never followed the Hollywood playbook, and now her new beauty collection, Flower, is on shelves — and we’re already big fans.

Here, the A-lister tells PEOPLE about her latest venture, her favorite red carpet moment of all time and what product she loves to borrow from her daughter, 3-month-old Olive:

What inspired you to launch Flower?

I’ve been sitting in a makeup chair since I was 6 years old, and I love how aspirational those rooms are. I’ve seen women empower and transform themselves. Read More

Michael P.

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