Interview with Founder of Band of Outsiders

Band of Outsiders

With an apparent killer eye for detail and men's fashion, Founder of Band of Outsiders sat down for a candid interview with Grungy Gentleman to talk clothes, Legos and goals. For an interesting chat with an even more interesting guy, follow the link below.


While Grungy Gentleman recently brought you the Band of Outsiders F/W 2013 presentation photos in their entirety, we now unveil our 1-on-1 interview with the label's frontman Scott Sternberg. We were grateful to be afforded this rare opportunity to understand Sternberg's perspective on the current offering and also his projections on where the label is heading. We also tried to uncover further details regarding the Los Angeles-based designer's inspiration, that seemingly always links back to his childhood. Read our interview in its entirety below. Read More

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