Interview with Leading Menswear Designer, Aundrae Allison of Wealthy War Intentions

Aundrae Allison

Aundrae Allison

I had the opportunity to catch up with leading men's wear designer and former Minnesota Viking and New York Jet, Aundrae Allison of the Wealthy War Intentions brand to discuss his inspiration for his latest designs. Here's what he had to say. 

What does the Wealthy War Intentions message mean? 

The message came while I was playing professional football.  Not only did that competitive spirit carry-over into creating a brand that would be unrivaled in quality, but also in the messaging of the designs.  With a tagline that states, “The Intended aim is Wealth, but its War to obtain it,” the Wealthy War Intentions brand pays homage to the everyday conflict necessary to achieve wealth and success.  When I was on the football field, I was competing at the highest level for my wealth and my livelihood.

How is Wealthy War Intentions different from the rest of the competition?

Wealthy War Intentions has a complicated production process from start to finish.  It is handled in the Carolinas - a region rich in cotton textile heritage and at one time the cotton textile capital of the world.

The shirts are produced in limited quantities.

Also, the brand message "The intended aim is Wealth, but its War to obtain it" is a "Universal Ideology" that puts it in its own level in the marketplace. 

Who is your target audience?

Our audience is made of selective tastemakers that pride themselves on luxury, hard-to-find brands. Our clients have unique tastes and styles.

Is this a nationwide line?  Where can clients purchase the product?

Wealthy War Intentions is a worldwide brand; we are able to ship anywhere in the world. Clients can purchase Wealthy War Intentions at our online store  We are also looking at a number of boutiques across the U.S to carry the Wealthy War Intentions brand. 

Wealthy War Intentions
Wealthy War Intentions

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