Inversion Table for Back Pain - Teeter Hangups Review

It’s the same story every time. Your back pain isn’t showing signs of going anywhere. Your doctor, no matter what he diagnosed (muscle injury, bulging disc, pinched nerves, sciatica) – Offers pain medication followed by more pain medication. The chiropractor wants to crack your back for 200$ a week until you’re old.

No wonder many people try to find their own solution – A drug-free, cost effective way to finally relieve their back pain. This is when they find out about the Teeter inversion tables – The “In-Home Chiropractor”.


But does it really work? And how does it work? Is it worth the (about) 250$ spend? Find the answers in this detailed Teeter Hangups review.

Can an Inversion Table Really End Your Dependency on Pain Killers?

By now there is a mountain of scientific proof that spinal decompression machines are highly effective at reducing acute back pain,  and provide long-lasting, often permanent relief that no other treatment can provide. Even the U.S. Army uses inversion tables for quick recovery from injuries during training.

Unlike dangerous pain medication, which only “hides” your pain for a while but does nothing to fix the root cause of your pain, an inversion table actually decompresses the spine (by hanging upside down in a certain degree that’s comfortable for you) and promotes healing and regeneration of damaged discs.

The almost immediate result is dramatic back pain relief.

The long term result is a possible complete healing of your back pain, by hydrating your gravity-worn discs and creating a bigger “cushion” between your vertebrae...


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